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Swimming Pool Financing

Apply Now and we will schedule your FREE Loan Consultation!
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Desirable loan options and personal attention every step of the way!

Swimming Pool Financing

Desirable loan options and personal attention every step of the way!
Apply Now and we will schedule your FREE Loan Consultation!
It won’t hurt your credit. 

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What Our Customers Say

We strive to provide a 5-Star worthy experience to every customer.

  • Awesome experience!!! Very professional and extremely efficient!! Made the whole loan process very easy and pain free!

    Donna Cumella Avatar
    Donna Cumella

    Best Customer Service! I was so impressed a REAL human being (Karen) always answered the phone and directed me to proper person. My representative (Kevin) explained my options perfectly, taught me about negative… read more

    Deb Scott Avatar
    Deb Scott

    If your considering a pool loan, look no further. The rates were great, the service was top notch and the whole process was complete in a few days.

    Michael Flowers Avatar
    Michael Flowers
  • Absolutely flawless experience!

    Heather McAlister Avatar
    Heather McAlister

    Viking Capital Team were very professional and work very well with Veterans as they stated from the get go!

    Jesse Borroel Avatar
    Jesse Borroel

    Great company! Fast and informative. Recommend to anyone looking for a pool loan.

    Brandi Sullins Avatar
    Brandi Sullins
  • Easy to apply and next day approval! No hassles, no hidden fees. Everything upfront and you chose and close your deal! I will always recommend Viking! Just make sure you chose the right… read more

    Jeffery Kramer Avatar
    Jeffery Kramer

    Great one on one customer service, even though they are out of state, I was able to deal with the same person and I wasn’t just a number to him. Thanks Ryan for all the… read more

    Juanita Holden Avatar
    Juanita Holden

    Applied for a pool loan with Lyon Financial initially. Was not approved for entire amount needed for our pool and interest rate was at %12.99. Lyon was not willing to offer any other options. Went… read more

    Renee Birge Avatar
    Renee Birge
  • Viking Capital has great customer service. Our loan officer was very helpful, patient, and knowledgable. He found my family the best rate and gave us different options for financing. Thank you

    Nohemi Herrera Avatar
    Nohemi Herrera

    We initially went through the vender HFS for our pool loan and were declined without good reason. We then went through Viking and spoke to David and Tosha and literally within 48 hours we had… read more

    Bobbi Nellons Avatar
    Bobbi Nellons

    Viking Capital do everything they can to make dreams come true. Kevin McCall was amazing in assisting me in securing a pool loan with great terms. He was very helpful every step of the way… read more

    Tonya Fountain-Adams Avatar
    Tonya Fountain-Adams
  • Such an easy process. I explained to Ryan what we were looking for, he reviewed different options based on our credit rating and budget, we picked the best one for us, got them the documents… read more

    Adam George Avatar
    Adam George

    We worked with David Clarke at Viking and he was so easy to work with. Timely responses. Went the extra mile to met our needs and followed thru until the end. Very refreshing… read more

    Michelle Ryder Avatar
    Michelle Ryder

    I was almost ready to give up on the possibility of getting a pool but Ryan worked with me for months. He gave me ideas on areas to improve my credit score so I could… read more

    Dawn Foster Avatar
    Dawn Foster
  • Did a great job on communication & came in at a much better % then their competitors. Robert was extremely helpful & professional.

    Jay Web Avatar
    Jay Web

    We are so happy that we chose Viking Capital. They were very prompt, professional and diligent. We were approved and funded in less than a week from the time we submitted our documentation. We highly… read more

    Mike Mac Avatar
    Mike Mac

    Fast and professional about the hole Process!

    Paul Creasey Avatar
    Paul Creasey
  • Viking Capital made my pool dreams come true! Robert Friedman was my “pool loan concierge” and he explained the process thoroughly and completely, highlighting all the important details. The professionalism and responsiveness of Viking… read more


    We’re super pleased with our loan experience through Viking. They were very responsive and quickly identified the right loan for our needs, and helped us close on that quickly. This was actually our second attempt… read more

    Drew Ludwick Avatar
    Drew Ludwick

    David and Amy were awesome to work with, the process was easy once we had all our information. Would highly recommend using Viking Capital.

    Michael Kitcey Avatar
    Michael Kitcey

Loan Options

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Rates as low as 5.49%
Terms up to 20 Years
Loans up to $125K
Scores as low as 650

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Military Discounts!

Lowest rates with military affiliation (applicant or lineal relative).

*Viking Capital offers a variety of loans that vary in rate, term, loan limits and approval conditions. Terms and conditions are based on borrower (and co-borrower if applicable) needs and qualifications, are subject to change, and may expire without notice. Applicants are eligible for a free financing consultation and advised of all their loan options and pertaining details with no obligation and based on a soft credit pull that will not hurt their credit. 


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Loan Funding

We have high approval rates! Fund disbursements vary by loan option. Your Loan Consultant will explain all the details.

Payment Calculator

FREE Loan Consultations and payment details for all applicants!

Example 1

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 5.49%
Term 15 Years
Monthly payment $327/mo.

Example 2

Loan amount $50,000
Rate 7.99%
Term 20 Years
Monthly payment $418/mo.

Example 1

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 6.79%
Term 15 Years
Monthly payment $354.85/mo.

Example 2

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 7.99%
Term 20 Years
Monthly payment $334.33/mo.

Why Choose Viking Capital?

Our Service

Every team member has the determination and know-how to provide you with a 5-Star worthy experience. You'll feel like the valued customer you are.

Our Technology

We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to keep your information secure and to make our process as efficient as possible.

Our Loan Options

We partner with a network of lenders so you have access to multiple loan options. We fit you with the best for your needs and qualifications.

Our Values

We strive to be a trusted employer, business partner and service provider and to conduct business with transparency, integrity and fairness.

Affordable Monthly Payments

A Quality of Life Investment

The decision to build an inground swimming pool is a big one. It is a big financial investment, but it’s also a huge quality of life investment.

Our swimming pool loans are designed to spread the cost of the project over many years, so the monthly payments are affordable. The smiles start here!

Personalized Service

We keep you informed!

We are a family owned business since 1999 and will treat you like the valued customer that you are. Our investments in technology keep your information secure and enable our Top-Notch team to work efficiently and spend more quality time with each and every customer.

Military Appreciation Everyday!

Lowest rates for military families!

Our staff and business partners are proud to offer our lowest rates to those with military affiliation. The low rates and longer term loan options offer more affordable monthly payments. See eligibility details.

Helpful Info

How Can You Improve Your Credit Score?

Build your credit file: Open new accounts which will report to the major credit bureaus. Most lenders and credit card issuers report to all three so this is easy to achieve. In order to establish any credit, there must be accounts open in your name. From there, you can begin to establish a good record

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Updating or Remodeling your Swimming Pool

So, your swimming pool is looking a little worse for wear these days. Maybe your once bright tiles are not as lustrous as they used to be, or your plaster is cracked and chipped, or maybe you are just tired of the design. You may be thinking that your only choices are to either live

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Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

Swimming pools, while a wonderful addition to the home, can be somewhat harmful to the environment. They require the use of a lot of water, chemicals, and energy to maintain, which all pose different threats to the earth. While there is really no way to maintain a completely eco-conscious swimming pool, there are certainly steps

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What Is Your Credit Score “Really”?

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Swimming Pool Loans: To Fee or Not to Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Loan Consultant is your go-to person for additional information.

Unsecured Swimming Pool Loans

Unlike an unsecured personal loan that can be used for any purpose, swimming pool loans are designed specifically for financing major home remodels, renovations, swimming pools and the like. They are usually for projects exceeding $25,000 and offer desirable rates and extended loan terms (up to 20 years) so borrowers will have affordable monthly payments. These loans do not require property as loan collateral. Instead, the lenders look at a borrower’s ability to pay (income and debt) and creditworthiness (credit scores).

Pool Loan Fees

Loan terms, including fees, vary and change frequently.  It’s important to consider all loan terms when comparing loans, including rate, term, loan amount and fees, if applicable. Your Viking Capital representative will disclose all terms for comparison and so you can make an informed decision.

Not Sure How Much You Need To Borrow?

Yes. We can start the loan process even if you are unsure of your project cost. You can estimate the cost or provide us the amount you have budgeted for your project. Your Viking Capital representative will advise you on your loan options, including the monthly payment amount you can expect to pay with your estimated loan amount.

How Funding Disbursements Work

Some loans will disperse the entire loan amount into your account at the completion of the loan process. Other loans make disbursements directly to your contractor/builder at pre-defined work milestones, per your contract, that you acknowledge as complete.
In some cases, a loan approval and disbursement of funds can occur in one day – even the same day! However, some loans require documentation from the borrower as proof of eligibility. So as the borrower, you can impact the process timeline. Be assured, Viking Capital has a great processing team who works with each borrower and lender to expedite the loan process.

Attention Pool Builders!

Our builder partners offer their customers great financing options and receive other benefits that help them sell more pools! 

Join our builder partner network today!

Partner With Viking Capital!

We are proud to offer these great loan options to our Military Families

*Eligibility requirements:

The applicant or co-applicant (or Family Member*) is active duty, military retiree, reservist, or veteran.  Branch of service: Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marine Corps or reserves for these branches. 

Family members must be “lineal” (spouse or direct-line ancestors and descendants. Includes family by adoption and marriage).

Payment Calculator

FREE Loan Consultations and payment details for all applicants!

Example 1

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 5.49%
Term 15 Years
Monthly payment $327/mo.

Example 2

Loan amount $50,000
Rate 7.99%
Term 20 Years
Monthly payment $418/mo.

Loan Terms

* Loan terms and availability vary based on borrower qualifications and are subject to change without notice. Monthly payment amounts are for demonstrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to match final payment amounts for all borrowers. Your Viking Capital Loan Representative will go over all your loan options and their respective terms and payment amounts.