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Outdoor area with a rectangular swimming pool, lounge chairs, and a patio dining set. The pool reflects the sky. Behind the pool is a large, two-story house with multiple windows and a brick wall.

Black Bottom Pools – Are They Worth It?

Black bottom pools have an indisputable air of mystery about them. The name alone conjures up some intriguing imagery even if you’ve never heard of them before. But the reality of these pools surpasses even the most lively imagination. And you’re about to discover what these beautiful pools are, where

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Backyard with a rectangular pool and adjacent wooden deck featuring four black chairs with blue cushions and a black table. Grass surrounds the deck, with two green chairs in the background.

What is a Rolling Deck Pool Cover?

A rolling deck pool cover can be described most succinctly as a pool cover that rolls out to form a deck. And these rolling covers provide all of the same benefits that you’d find with a traditional pool cover. But make no mistake, a rolling deck cover is a huge

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A well-lit outdoor swimming pool at night, surrounded by potted plants and enclosed by a fence, with a small shed in the background.

Ideas For Concrete Around a Pool

If you have a pool then you’ve almost certainly gone over some ideas for concrete around a pool. After all, you probably use your outdoor space for a wide variety of different activities. Pools intersect with everything from daily workouts to barbecues and moonlit parties. The more you use your

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Close-up view of pebbles, concrete tiles, and a turquoise pool with a tiled bottom, divided by the concrete edge of the pool.

Pool Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

Pool landscaping ideas with rocks might not be the first thing you think about when you look at your yard. But you’re about to find out why they should be. Imagine instantly setting the mood when guests come over for a swim. By adding rock and stone landscaping to your

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Landscaping Lights Around a Pool

Landscaping Lights Around a Pool

Landscaping lights around a pool might just be the best possible way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. Think about some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever seen of pools in high-class resorts. You’ve probably wanted to have that in your own home. You might be surprised

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Modern, single-story house with large glass windows, an outdoor seating area, and a small rectangular pool on a wooden deck, surrounded by greenery.

6 Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

Looking for small pool ideas on a budget tends to catch everyone by surprise. If you’re like a lot of people you might have already decided that a new pool, or extensive work on an existing one, are outside of your reach. But you might be surprised to find out

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Pool Landscaping Ideas For Privacy

Pool landscaping ideas for privacy might be the missing element that can take your pool experience from good to amazing. Take a minute to really think about the best experiences you’ve had in your pool. A feeling of calm relaxation and safety is probably going to be a part of

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A luxurious backyard swimming pool with waterfall features, surrounded by potted plants. There is a hot tub in the background, shaded by an umbrella.

7 Types of Modern Pool Fountains

When thinking about what features your dream pool would have, a common one is a pool fountain. There is something naturally relaxing about water in motion, the sound it creates, how it is calming to look at and is soothing to touch. These attractive features are not just beneficial for

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A partially covered rectangular swimming pool with clear blue water and a wooden deck surrounding it.

Automatic Pool Cover Costs & Must Knows

Pool covers are often an essential addition to any backyard pool because of the many benefits they have, they are a no-brainer for any pool owner. There is a wide variety of options available and choosing which is right for you will depend on what you want to get out

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Pool Fire Pits – What You Need To Know

Pool Fire Pits – What You Need To Know Poolside fire pits at night, friends and family gathered together, and great food. You can probably feel the warmth of the fire when you conjure those images. It’s an experience that can color entire periods of people’s lives. But it’s not

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