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Builder Resource Center

Advertise desirable financing options and SELL MORE POOLS!
Website Images, Printed Cards and Digital Flyers ALL FREE!

Builder Resource Center

Website Images, Printed Cards and Digital Flyers ALL FREE!
Advertise desirable financing options and SELL MORE POOLS!

Digital Flyers

It’s never too early to talk about pool financing! Email these PDF flyers to your customers. If they are interested in receiving a FREE Loan Consultation, they can simply click on the “Apply Here” button on the flyer and be directed to the online loan application.

We can also create a custom co-branded loan application page for you that connects to a co-branded digital flyer.
Request a co-branded loan application and custom digital flyers

Printed Information Cards

Leave this printed information card with your customers as a reminder that there are desirable financing options available to them. Orders yours today! Contact marketing@poolloan.net for more options.



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Send this video to your potential clients to help them understand how they can get financing for their new pool.
Add this link to your email https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cr3BPdM7Jk or alternatively embed it using the code below  on your own site and send them to that page.

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Payment Calculator

FREE Loan Consultations and payment details for all applicants!

Example 1

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 5.49%
Term 15 Years
Monthly payment $327/mo.

Example 2

Loan amount $50,000
Rate 7.99%
Term 20 Years
Monthly payment $418/mo.

Loan Terms

* Loan terms and availability vary based on borrower qualifications and are subject to change without notice. Monthly payment amounts are for demonstrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to match final payment amounts for all borrowers. Your Viking Capital Loan Representative will go over all your loan options and their respective terms and payment amounts.

We are proud to offer these great loan options to our Military Families

*Eligibility requirements:

The applicant or co-applicant (or Family Member*) is active duty, military retiree, reservist, or veteran.  Branch of service: Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marine Corps or reserves for these branches. 

Family members must be “lineal” (spouse or direct-line ancestors and descendants. Includes family by adoption and marriage).