Pool Loan Calculator

FREE Loan Consultations and payment details for all applicants!

See how changes in rate, term and loan amount will impact your monthly payments.

Pool Loan Calculator

See how changes in rate, term and loan amount will impact your monthly payments.

FREE Loan Consultations with payment details for all applicants!

Payment Calculator

What to consider when using the pool loan calculator

Having a pool in your backyard is a dream for many, the idea of swimming, sunbathing and playing in your own pool during summer is very enticing. Not only does it make your home more enjoyable, it can also raise the value of your property.

However, the price of a pool can vary wildly depending on what you choose. There are a myriad of factors that affect the cost of a pool and when planning it is best to look at all the options and start to make a rough plan on what you want so you can have an idea on the cost.

Some pool projects can require a fairly large upfront cost, for many this isn’t possible so financing a swimming pool is a way to get what they want.

What can i afford?

One way to know how much to invest in a swimming pool is to consider the monthly payment, knowing what you can afford monthly allows you to ‘work backwards’ and determine what your budget will be.

Run various scenarios through our pool loan calculator based on different loan amounts, interest rates, and loan terms to determine which option will work best for you using the calculator. Interest rates change regularly and are affected by your credit score. It is best to have a free consultation with one of our team to talk about what interest rate would apply to you based on your circumstances.

Long or short term loans?

You can find an affordable monthly payment by entering the loan amount and the desired interest rate. For example, by taking out a longer term loan, the monthly payment will be lower and more affordable, but you will end up paying more for the project in the long run. A higher monthly payment mean paying more ongoing but this will shorten the length of the loan and you will ultimately pay less as the amount of interest is less than what you would on a longer loan. You can learn more about this in our article on ‘how long can you finance a pool?‘.

Don't forget...

Remember that swimming pools also require ongoing maintenance and care in addition to their upfront cost so that needs to be factored into your monthly budget. To get an idea about how much it costs to maintain a pool see our article.

We are here to help

If you want to have a free consultation with one of our specialists, complete the online form and we will give you a call to talk about your options. This is a no obligation consultation and the soft credit check we do will not hurt your credit score.

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Payment Calculator

FREE Loan Consultations and payment details for all applicants!

Example 1

Loan amount $40,000
Rate 5.49%
Term 15 Years
Monthly payment $327/mo.

Example 2

Loan amount $50,000
Rate 7.99%
Term 20 Years
Monthly payment $418/mo.

Loan Terms

* Loan terms and availability vary based on borrower qualifications and are subject to change without notice. Monthly payment amounts are for demonstrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to match final payment amounts for all borrowers. Your Viking Capital Loan Representative will go over all your loan options and their respective terms and payment amounts.

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The applicant or co-applicant (or Family Member*) is active duty, military retiree, reservist, or veteran.  Branch of service: Air Force, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marine Corps or reserves for these branches. 

Family members must be “lineal” (spouse or direct-line ancestors and descendants. Includes family by adoption and marriage).