Pool Landscaping Ideas For Privacy

Pool landscaping ideas for privacy might be the missing element that can take your pool experience from good to amazing. Take a minute to really think about the best experiences you’ve had in your pool. A feeling of calm relaxation and safety is probably going to be a part of all of those memories. And that sentiment comes from being able to feel like you can relax and get away from the world. But to get that feeling, you need to keep privacy in mind. And that can be accomplished with the following landscaping ideas that emphasize privacy and style.

shrubs in focus with a pool and loungers blurred in the background
When you and your family are enjoying your little backyard oasis you want to feel comfortable, having privacy in this space is an important part of that.


Fences offer a wide variety of benefits for any pool owner. They have so many benefits that it’s generally wise to have one even apart from privacy concerns. Fences can keep out animals, provide shade, and help to prevent debris from blowing into your pool. They can even provide a strong decorative element. But at the same time, there’s no denying that fences can help keep prying eyes away. And they’re generally considered as being one of the best cheap pool privacy ideas as well. When you’re thinking about pool fence ideas it’s best to weigh all the angles that matter the most to you, including your privacy concerns. But at the same time, make sure that you’re not forgetting a fence’s other benefits. 

Investing in a fence doesn’t have to be a major ordeal where you are fencing in your entire property. You can create a safe area in your outdoor living space with a section of fence to block wind, debris and unwanted eyes.


seat and table under a pegola with a plant hedge
Plants are a great option to add to your backyard as they offer privacy and are also a pleasant backdrop to have.

When people think about gardening, it’s usually centered around beauty. There’s just something inherently calming about the sight of green foliage and beautifully colored flowers. But gardens can also help protect your privacy. A privacy hedge is one of the most well-known ways to use plants to create a more private space. But the sheer size of trees also makes them a great option. And even ornamental grasses can grow many feet tall to provide some privacy. You can even mix and match these gardening ideas to create a custom solution that calms your spirit while also protecting your privacy.

You don’t have to elect for anything permanent either, potted plants are a great option to add to your privacy. The benefit of them as they can be mixed, matched and moved to suit your tastes. 

Plants and shrubs also make it easier to create a little oasis to enjoy the sun without baking under it. It’s generally a good idea to use this tool to calculate the angle of the sun and how it’ll impact your shade. You’ll ideally want to create an oasis of shade to cool off in. But at the same time, you need to be careful to avoid blocking off areas where you want to sunbathe. It is a good idea to talk to your pool builder about incorporating some privacy landscaping ideas into the pool design process.

various types of arborvitae plants
There are many types of Arborvitae plants to suit your pool set up, they are popular for being so dense, weather hardy and stay green all year around.

If you live in a particularly dry climate, be sure to select plants that will endure your climate. Any plant that is known for being drought tolerant is a great choice as it will be low maintenance and last many years. A lot of evergreen trees are popular because they grow dense foliage which lasts all year, making them ideal for privacy screening. Of these, the arborvitae is probably the most common due to it ticking all the privacy boxes.

Retaining Walls

Like fences, retaining walls are often thought of in utilitarian terms. And it’s true that a retaining wall for pools on a slope is an absolute necessity in some areas. But the fact that these walls are such a common need has led to a lot of amazing ideas to use them in more atmospheric ways. And this is also one of the reasons why retaining walls should always be carefully considered when working on pool financing. If you’re going to use a retaining wall, then you should think about expanding it into your outdoor design to be something that provides more than just structural support.

For example, many people raise the height of retaining walls to add privacy. And this practice lends itself to almost any decorative option you can think of. From adding fountains or miniature waterfalls to providing a backdrop to your deck. And all of these concepts can be expanded on even more to help shield your pool from view.

retaing wall next to pool with loungers infront of it
By incorporating a retaining wall into your sunning area you can provide a nice piece of shelter from both wind and eyes.


If you have a larger area to work with, then you’ve probably gone over pool deck ideas at one time or another. Pool decks can be an amazing addition to the overall experience. Decks are a perfect place to relax both before and after a swim. And you can also meld them with other essential elements. For example, retaining walls are often integrated into a deck. And, of course, you can design a deck to provide extra privacy. If there is a certain direction from which you want to block off the view, you can expand your deck X feet wide and use that area to add some elements mentioned in this article to restrict the view.


Both fences and greenery can provide you with a lot of privacy. But you can also combine the two together for some fantastic and often quite inexpensive privacy around your pool. A trellis is by far the most popular example of this concept. You begin with diagonally woven strips of wood to use as a fence. Creeping vines and other plants can then be slowly integrated into the fencing. This process creates a trellis system that’s both beautiful and functional. All eyes will be on your trellis. But those gazes won’t be able to see past it and into your swimming pool area.

Of course, the crossed style is not the only option you can go for as there are other types of trellis available. If there is a certain angle you want to restrict the view from, a simple privacy screen made from trellis will fit the bill. This is a relatively inexpensive option and if done right, can add a highlight to the overall design of your outdoor space.

trellis with plants growing through it
A trellis is a low cost option to add privacy, just add it wherever needed and have some plants grow up through it to create a nice feature piece of your backyard.

Pergolas With Retractable Options

Pergolas are typically open to the point of not providing much additional privacy. But you can also think of a pergola as a framework of sorts. You can use retractable elements and shades to instantly transform an open pergola into a private and cozy sanctuary. And you can even use other privacy ideas like shade sails in conjunction with the pergola to achieve some great effects.

backyard pergola with curtains on the sides and seating underneath
Pergolas can dramatically improve any backyard, they have the advantage of being able to add curtains to create a more private setting.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are one of the newest inground pool privacy ideas. We are not always needing privacy from the ground level, many are looking for privacy from above. Perhaps you are on a sloped property with neighbors above or simply your neighbors can look right into your backyard from their windows or deck.

A sail’s brilliance is self-apparent the first time you use them. The sails come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colors. But all of them share one important trait. They’re all extremely portable and can be changed whenever the whim hits you. You just need to mount the sails to a fixed structure.

All of this makes shade sails one of the least expensive and most flexible options.

small backyard with a shade sail set up over the table and chairs
A very affordable option and one that can be arranged for any backyard set up is to put up a shade sail to stop people looking down into your space.

Taking Landscaping Ideas From Theory to Practice

You’ve seen some great pool landscaping ideas for privacy. But while all of them are effective, there’s one missing piece that only you can provide. And that’s whether they speak to you on an emotional level. Take a moment to think about which landscaping idea would provide you with a sense of calm happiness. And then make that dream a reality.

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